A place where women can just be beautiful


The Beauty Lounge is an independent black owned salon offering multifaceted beauty services and products.

The Company has been formed to foster the following objectives:


• Create job opportunities for communities in which it operates.

• Contribute in development by creating wealth and improve the well being of the community by offering quality.

• Impose the initiative of planting resources back to the community.

• Foster a vibrant economic atmosphere by being one of the leading organisations in the provision of excellent services.

The Beauty Lounge, aims to encourage economic participation of disadvantaged young people particularly woman in our local community projects.




To operate a profitable business that provides high standard in beauty care.




To enhance our clients’ natural beauty from the inside out.

We see ourselves as providing avant-garde beauty care services at all times. Hence, we aim to make the everyday ordinary as extraordinary.




Our service include the following:


Nails, Waxes, Facials, Massages and Make Up.



Acrylic Stiletto                                                      R200.00



Gel                                                                       R170.00

Acrylic                                                                  R150.00


Full Colour

Acrylic or Gel                                                       R180.00


French Tips  

Acrylic or Gel                                                       R150.00


Acrylic Natural Tips                                              R160.00


Add toes to any of the above                               R100.00


Eye Lash Extensions                                           R250.00




Facial + Eyebrow wax + Foot massage (70min)  R300.00

Facial + Back & Neck Massage (1hr 30min)        R400.00

Facial + Back & Neck + Eyebrow wax (1hr)         R450.00


Other Services


Make-Up for events

Beauty Therapy Training

Nail and Make up Training